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Canterbury Archers are lucky enough to have a World Archery archer in our club.

Canterbury Archers Bayley Sargeant Archery GB
Canterbury Archers Bayley Sargeant Archery GB

Bayley is one of the only two junior girls in GB to hold an official World Archery Ranking. She travels around the world representing GB. More details on some on the tournaments she has competed in are available on the World Archery Website.

To obtain a World Archery Ranking athletes must attend World Ranking Events. These include world cups, world championships and continental championships. There are a few other events that also qualify for World Ranking points. The World Ranking list is made up of senior archers. There are no junior World Archery Rankings, but World Archery Europe does have a Youth Cup circuit that ranks the junior archers by score at the end of every year. 

Canterbury Archers Bayley Sargeant gofundme

Bayley has set up a 'Go fund me' page to try and raise money to attend international shoots. Being a world archer is an expensive business and unfortunately, compound archery is not as well funded in Britain. Bayley would like to thank everyone who has donated and helped her raise the funds so she can participate in these completions. You can view the Go fund me page here.

Photo Galleries

Here are some links to a couple of professional photo galleries - so that you can see pictures from all major events from around the world! 

https://worldarchery.smugmug.com/browse    - Photos by World Archery/Dean Alberga

https://dubravkobuden.smugmug.com/ - Photos by Dubravko Buden 

World Archery News

Keep up to date with recent news on the World Archery website! 


It can be very interesting to look up scores from events that take place from all over the world!

Most major events have a live scoring system which can be watched on ianseo.net

You can also watch World Archery events live on their page.


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