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Winter Shooting Ranges (October - March)

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You can park in the car park and go through the main entrance or walk around the side of the building and go in the side entrance.

If you are entering through the main entrance, go through the double doors into the dining hall and go through the doors in the far left corner of the hall. The sports hall is up the first flight of stairs and straight ahead.

Archbishop's School
(Indoor Shooting)

Archery Board

We also have an indoor facilities on a Tuesday evening at Ursuline College thanks to Thanet Archery Club.


For those who would like to shoot indoors on a Tuesday eveing during the Winter but have not been before, please follow the directions for car parking and the sports hall below.

When you arrive at the college you will come to a gate. Please push the sports hall button on the panel and wait for the gate to open.

Follow the green arrow until you get to the car park. If the car park is full there is also space next to the school minibuses you passed on the way in.

Once you are parked please follow the yellow dotted line to the sports hall entrance. 

On your way out, follow the red arrow. There is another gate at the end. This will open automatically. 

Ursuline College
(Indoor Shooting)