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Maps for local clubs 

For those that would like to attend shoots at some other clubs but have never been there before. Here are some handy maps so that you can find their grounds.

Thanet Archery Club - St Lawrence College

Here is a handy map for those making their way to Thanet Archery Club.

There shooting grounds are located in the sports field on the opposite side of the road to the main entrance of the school.

Thanet Archers also hold a clout shoot once a year which is normally held in the field on the main school site. 

Folkestone and Castle Moat Archers - Saltwood Castle

Mrs Clark kindly allows Folkestone and Castle Moat Archers to use her castle to host have a go events, Frostbites, two way longbow shoots and field shoots. Dates of these can be found here. For those who have not been before, the car park 1 labelled on the map is the main car park for field shoots as the car park 2 area is often muddy and is only used for two way longbow shoots when the ground is hard. To get to car park two, at the main entrance follow the road that branches to the right and it will take you down into the moat.

For car park one follow the road that branches to the left at the main entrance until you get to the gate marked on the map above. 

Remember that all gates you open must be closed afterwards to stop the sheep from escaping!

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