Postal Leagues

What are Postal Leagues?

Postal leagues are a great way of representing Canterbury Archers by competing with hundreds of archery clubs up and down the country...without leaving home!


Winter leagues (eg British Archery Postal League, Selby Winter League) take place between November and March, while Summer leagues (eg Selby Summer League)  take place between May and September.


The leagues are split into divisions of six club teams, giving everyone the chance to compete with others of a similar level.  Within each division, clubs play matches against each other in a ‘round robin’ style.  


Depending on the league’s rules, each club team is made up of either two or three archers shooting recurve, barebow, compound or longbow.  The archers within the teams can change each month.  The summer rounds may vary but in winter it’s usually Frostbite outdoors and Portsmouth indoors. 


Everyone who submits their scores for the designated round that month is considered for the club’s team entry. Just check the club’s Fixture List to find out when we are shooting.

League Results

You can see how Canterbury Archers is faring against the others we’ve been drawn against in the leagues here or by checking the notice board in the club house. More detailed results are given below.

Selby Winter League 2021 - 22 Results

Selby Summer League 2022 Results

Selby Summer League 2022

Rounds shot:

  • Recurve, Compound and Barebow will be shooting a Short Metric (3 dozen @ 50 metres & 3 dozen @ 30 metres, 80cm target face, metric scoring)

  • Longbow will be shooting a National (4 dozen @ 60 yards & 2 dozen @ 50 yards, 122cm target face, Imperial scoring).


  • Recurve team made up of three archers

  • Compound team made up of two archers

  • Longbow team made up of two archers

  • Barebow team made up of two archers 

Winter Leagues 

Selby Winter League

  • Frostbite (3 dozen at 30m) 80cm face  

  • Five months: November-March

  • In 2021-22, we have teams for recurve (three archers), compound (two archers), longbow (two archers) and barebow (two archers).  

British Archery Postal League (BA Postal League)

Rounds shot:

  • Portsmouth (5 dozen at 20 yards) 60cm face

  • Frostbite (3 dozen at 30m) 80cm face



  • Recurve A team - best 3 recurve archers

  • Recurve B team - next 3 best recurve archers

  • Compound A team - best 3 compound archers

  • Compound B team - next 3 best compound archers