We are open!

Good news - the club will re-open this weekend. Apparently the mats have arrived and have been delivered to the school so on Saturday they can be placed over the worst of the mud and shooting can resume.

If you are going to be there this w/end please take great care when walking over the damaged ground and on the mats. The last thing we want is an accident with someone injuring themselves because they haven't been taking the necessary care.

Perhaps, and it is your choice, it would be best that any members who are not too steady on their feet give this w/end a miss whilst we assess the situation. However, the decision is yours and you would still be welcome.

Please note that the club runs various events during the year when we supply refreshments to the attendees. This can only happen with the help of catering volunteers. You can volunteer for as many or as few times as you like, but your help is really needed so please let Joyce know if you are able to help. Many thanks.

Finally, a big thank you to Alex and Glyn for all the chasing behind scenes to get some action taken which has resulted in the club re-opening.

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