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Dear All, We have lots of club events currently running or coming up soon and hope that you will be able to come along and give your support. May 21st and 22nd -Our annual Great Ormond Street Charity weekend, with the actual Little Stanley Cup charity shoot on the Sunday. The distance is only 30 metres so everyone can shoot together and there will be plenty of home-made CAKE to partake of with your tea! , . The whole weekend's shooting fees are donated to GOSH. We will have the collecting boxes around the signing in book for you to make a donation however big or small. Also, there will be the letters of Stanley’s name laid out on a table; each year we try and cover all these letters with 5p pieces. So, so for this. June 4th Jubilee Celebration Shoot 30 arrows at 40 yards, 40 arrows at 30 yards. please being some party/picnic food suitable for sharing. Family welcome. June 18th All day taster for club funds. No other shooting this day July 9th Canterbury Two way longbow shoot. More entries are needed for this great annual event, so to all you club long-bowers out there... please give it a go! Spectators welcome. No other shooting this day And...

May 14th, 21st & 28th and July 16th, 23th, Aug 30th Beginner's Courses June 12th Canterbury Archers are invited to shoot at Thanet Archery Club Sylvia Hogbin Shoot. Please check their website, or speak to Bob Gawler about entering. For our newer members especially, these events are a great opportunity to not only experience different aspects of archery but to meet up with and get to know your fellow club members, and also ask questions and get advice. And, whatever your experience, there are always tasks that you can help with during events. It would be great to see as many of you attending as possible. Best wishes, Karen

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Dear All, The entry form for Thanet Archery Club's Clout Shoot can be found on our local tournaments page. As you will see, the shoot is open to all bow types and is a very popular event. This is ide

Thank you to all those members who represented Canterbury Archers at Thanet Archery Club's annual Sylvia Hogbin Memorial Shoot. A full list of the awards is available below. Senior Ladies Handicap Awa

Dear All, The club will now be open for members to shoot on the morning of Saturday 18th June, alongside a small group coming along for a taster session. There is still a large group booked for the