The Little Stanley Cup

Good afternoon fellow Archers

I would like to remind older members of the club and introduce to new members our annual Great Ormond Street Charity weekend that is coming up on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd May, with the actual Little Stanley Cup charity shoot on the Sunday. The distance is only 30 metres so everyone can shoot together. To new members that usually come on Saturdays, please come along and join us, it will hopefully be a great day and it will give you the opportunity to meet and shoot with archers that you may not necessarily know.

This shoot started quite a few years ago when we had a member whose son, Stanley, had a lot of treatment at Great Ormond Street and a charity that I am proud to say we have supported every year .

The whole weekend shooting fees are donated to GOSH. We will have the collecting boxes around the signing in book for you to make a donation however big or small. Also, there will be the letters of Stanley’s name laid out on a table; each year we try and cover all these letters with 5p pieces. So, for the next few weeks please save your 5pence pieces for this…it is surprising how much they add up to!

There will be plenty of home-made CAKE to partake of with your tea!

This Charity does such incredible work, so I hope you can dig deep to help…but every little helps! If you are away that weekend then I will ensure the collecting boxes are around from this weekend so I can still collect from you….I would not like you to feel you had been left out!

Hopefully we at Canterbury Archers can add a good sum this year to the running total that we have already sent off to Great Ormond Street over the years.

Happy shooting!


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