Thanet, Folkestone & Canterbury inter-club Frostbite

The results for this years Frostbite Inter-club competiton are now available in the competiton results section.

Thank you to everyone who took part and helped raise money for chairity.

Special thanks to Dave, Grahame, John and Bryan for running the event.

John - 1st place gents recurve - Most hits award

Paul - 2nd place gents recurve

Jane - 2nd place ladies recurve

Dawn - 3rd place ladies recurve

Jill - 1st place ladies longbow - Most hits award

Sally - 2nd place ladies longbow

Kim - 5th place ladies longbow

Ange - 6th place ladies longbow

Bryan 4th place gents longbow - Most golds award

Charles - 13th place gents longbow

Tim - 14th place gents longbow

Alex - 15th place gents longbow

Ray - 18th place gents longbow

Phil - 20th place gents longbow

Mark - 22nd place gents longbow

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