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Dear All, Each Summer and Winter, Canterbury Archers take part in friendly leagues against other archery clubs up and down the country. These are organised by a member of the Yorkshire club, Selby Archers. You can follow our progress and look at our past achievements on the club’s website All of our club’s recurve, compound, longbow and barebow archers have the chance to take part as each month as we need two or three archers to form teams for each bow type. Team members can change month by month according to their scores so we encourage as many archers as possible to take part. Our Frostbite results for Winter 2021-22 showed us low in each division so hopefully our Summer 2022 results will show us fighting back! This summer the Selby League is based on two rounds and we will be starting from this weekend: Recurve, Compound and Barebow will be shooting a Short Metric (3 dozen @ 50 metres & 3 dozen @ 30 metres, 80cm target face, metric scoring), Longbow will be shooting a National (4 dozen @ 60 yards & 2 dozen @ 50 yards, 122cm target face, Imperial scoring). To take part, please shoot the round, record your scores and submit them as usual in the red box. I will keep the league spreadsheet up to date so you can see our progress through the season online and in the clubhouse. Good luck and good shooting everyone! Rita Rita Headington Canterbury Archers Records Officer

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