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Dear Members,

I hope you are all keeping safe and well. It’s good to see people feeling confident about coming back to shooting, with some making their first return since before the first lockdown, and I just wanted to update everyone on our progress.

As stated in previous communications, the procedures for re-opening were discussed at length by the committee at its meeting on 24th March and Archery GB was clear in its advice that it would be up to each club to return to archery in the way that was most appropriate for its circumstances. We knew that the majority of our members wouldn’t have been fortunate enough to have any facilities or space for practising at home and wouldn’t have shot at all for several months, if not for more than a year. We wanted everyone to feel they could come back without pressure and a few weeks with everyone at 30m would hopefully create a supportive atmosphere and enable people to feel relaxed and gain confidence in their shooting again, as well as learning the new COVID-safe procedures. Clubs with their own land are able to leave their targets out all the time, and at varying distances, which greatly reduces the need to handle shared equipment and the potential for cross infection. But we needed to ensure everything was being moved following the safety protocols again and it was considered to be more manageable if targets were initially kept at the same distance.

Consequently, the re-opening has gone very safely and positively and, as promised, the committee has reviewed shooting arrangements based on this and with the welfare of the whole club in mind. Therefore, I am really pleased to be able to advise you that beginning the weekend of 24th April each session will have 8 booking slots available and distances up to 50m (60 yards if an imperial round) can be shot, following the shooting calendar/programmealready distributed by Sheila. Anyone wishing to shoot at shorter distances can of course do so.

Thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards,


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Update to shooting arrangements April 20
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