Archery Museum Visit

Dear Members,

An opportunity has risen for us to visit Bill Terry’s Archery Museum near Wrotham. It is considered to be the finest collection of Archery memorabilia in the country if not the world. The visit would be on a Saturday towards the end of June and we are limited to 10 places. Bill has accumulated these artefacts over many years and catalogued them and displayed them to a very high standard. It is a rare opportunity for anyone with interest in the history of archery and in particularly archery in Kent to see at first hand all aspects of archery including art work, equipment and records of clubs from Kent including our own.

Those of you who have attended long bow shoots will probably have met Bill and no doubt had an opportunity to talk to him (at length!) and know what a passionate advocate he is for archery. Please let me know if you are interested in visiting by sending me an email; When I get the numbers I will confirm a date. Bill will provide light refreshments and there is a pub nearby where we can have lunch if required. I am happy to drive and take others and perhaps others will do the same. Best wishes, Glyn Levis

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