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For those novice archers that would like to develop their archery skills during lockdown, Archery GB has launched a dedicated online course designed to help them stay motivated and engaged with the sport.

Archery GB’s well-established Boost course was developed to provide a specialised coaching framework for novice archers, to help them progress in their sport while having fun. As many people are currently experiencing difficulty accessing regular coaching and shooting at their club, their special online Boost course includes workshops that you can take part in from your own home. The five-week course has been specifically designed to provide practical activities that members can get stuck into, covering all aspects of archery skills, short of actually shooting an arrow. Members shooting all bow styles will be able to get involved.

Course dates are still available for August and September. Workshops will be available on Archery GB’s Facebook (@ArcheryGB) and YouTube channels, and any special equipment required to take part will be shared in advance.

Click here to view Boost online course details.

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We received a sad message today from Dave Batchelor, an ex-Canterbury Archer. Some of you may remember his wife Jenny who started shooting at the club in the mid 1990's. She lost her battle with Alzheimer's last month. Dave would like to say thank you to the club for all it did for herin a sport that gave her great pleasure and wonderful memories over the years. She was always grateful to the club for all the introduction and friendship shown to her.

Our thoughts are with Dave and his family during these sad times.


Thank you for all the feedback on the weekend shooting. The committee met on Tuesday to discuss this and have made some changes to the current format. These changes will take place from 15th August. 

1. If you have shot at a session and wish to stay on and shoot at the next session, you may do so providing there is a space available. Please check with the key holder as they will have a list of who is on each session.

2. Many of you said that there was too much work for one or two people to do all the setting up and packing away of equipment. If you are on the first or last session, please be prepared to assist the key holder with this. PPE will be provided. 

3. The general feedback was that the first session started too early as the key holder had to be there at 8:15 to set up. There were also comments that the last session was not utilised so we have removed that session and adjusted the timings of the other 3. The new timings are below.

Session 1: 9:30 - 11:30 (arrive at 8:45 to assist with set up)

Session 2: 12:00 - 14:00

Session 3: 14:30 - 16:30

4. Targets will continue to be set at 30 metres however, you may move the target to the distance you want to shoot, providing it is returned to 30m for the next session. PPE will be provided for moving the targets. Markings will be painted on the field for the distances so there is no need to measure anything out.

5. As of 17/08, you can shoot during the week until the end of the school holidays. This will be booked via the calendar as normal however, there will not be a rota for the key holders. You will need to request a time and wait for a key holder to confirm.

Changes to the calendar will be made shortly to reflect the above alterations.

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