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Canterbury Archers is now the proud owner of a tractor! It certainly makes putting the targets away a lot easier.


From November 1st, would all those taking part in the Thanet, Canterbury, Folkestone Frostbite Interclub Comp send thier frostbite scores to Bryan, and he can then add them to his scoresheet for sending off to Castle Moat Archers.

Good luck in the competition

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Frostbite will officially start on 31 st October, but if it is sunny weather members will be

allowed to shoot at greater distances if they want.

Rita is looking into the club entering Frostbite teams for Longbow and Recurve. The Thanet, Folkestone and Canterbury Longbow inter-club charity shoot will be taking place this year and Bryan has taken over the running of this from Grahame. Please speak to him if you would like to sign up. Proceeds go to charity.

We are currently in contact with the school with regards to indoor shooting in the gym this Winter. We are hopeful that we will be able to set something up with social distancing rules in place. More details will be coming soon.

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