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Canterbury Archers History

The Origins of 
Canterbury Archers

The Club was founded in March 1955. Practice equipment was purchased and the opening shoot was arranged for the 1st May. The season progressed with 'good attendance and satisfactory progress by the inexpert and practice by the few more expert archers'. 


The feature of the first year was the First Prize and Handicap shoot on the 2nd October. It is interesting to read the names of some the early prizewinners. These include Mr E.G.(Gerry) Heath, a well known authority on the traditional bow, author of many books regarded as standards in Archery and Miss Sylvia Hogbin, whose name lends itself to a locally held tournament in Kent. 


There are two booklets written by E.G. Heath which record the first 10 years of the club and these make for interesting reading. They are kept in the Local Studies Section of Canterbury Library. They are well worth reading if you are interested in the history of the early days of the club. 


A more comprehensive account of the first 25 years of the club was written by Gerry Heath. The Life and Times of Canterbury Archers is a witty and amusing account filled with anecdotes and details of the full and varied programme of events available to the Canterbury Archer.It describes a venture into film making during the winter months and copies of the films are stored at the offices of the GNAS.There were many occasions when the club visited local fairs and fetes to entertain the visitors and this proved to be a regular source of valuable income.

Canterbury Archers Club History