Canterbury Archers
  • Clothing must be clean, appropriate and in good condition (so not frayed or torn, even if it was designed like that) and be conventional in style and appearance.

  • Tops must cover the front and back of the body and must not be strapless and for gentleman, have sleeves. The top must cover the midriff when at full draw.

  • All colours can be worn except blue denim, olive drab and camouflage patterns.

  • The clothes can have the manufacturers trademark on them or the wearer's name, but any other wording or badges must relate to archery organisations (for example your local club or a manufacturer). If you are sponsored you can wear the sponsor's logo and name during the sponsorship period. So please do not turn up wearing blue jeans and a Manchester United football top. At worst the Judge will send you home, at best you will be able to shoot but you will be excluded from the results and medals.

  • Also remember you will be wearing the clothing all day, in the sun and rain, so make sure it is comfortable and is not going to interfere with your shooting, layers are always a good idea.


For safety reasons, you must also wear covered shoes that are not open-toed, so no flip-flops or sandals!

Please note: Due to the Canterbury Archers being located on a school premises, alcohol and smoking/vaping is prohibited on site.