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COVID-19 Club Information

Dear Members,


Following the announcement of another national lockdown, outdoor sporting venues including archery/driving/shooting ranges must close.

National lockdown: Stay at Home - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

COVID-19 - What am I allowed to currently do? | Archery GB


Therefore, sadly, our club has had to shut down again until these restrictions are lifted. When the government and Archery GB notify us that archery can resume, I will let you know our club’s procedures for re-opening as soon as possible. 


Please continue to look after yourselves and hopefully we will be together again soon.


Best wishes to you all.


Club Fees

Due to Covid-19, club fees will need to be paid by BACS in order to minimise contact. If you wish to shoot, please ensure you have paid your club membership fee before booking a session on the calendar. There is no longer a sign in book so please keep a tally of how many times you have been to shoot and pay your club shooting fees at the end of the month.

All fees should be paid to the club's account below:

Sort code: 77 65 97

Account Number: 02247160

Archery GB


Please visit Archery GB's website for more information on Covid-19.

Covid-19 - What am I allowed to currently do?

Archery GB decicated Covid-19 page

AGB's Four Tier Overview document


In order to minimise contact, we ask that you record your scores on a scoring app or if you prefer good old fashion pen and paper, print your own scoresheets. Below are some printable scoresheets for you to use or you can use a scoring app on your phone. If you want to submit your scores, you can take a picture of the scoresheet and send it to canterburyarchersrecords@gmail.com  We will be staying at 30 metres for the first few weeks so, for the moment, you will only need the Frostbite scoresheet.

Scoring Apps

Here is our top list for scoring apps should you want to use one on your phone. If you have a scoring app that you use that you think should be on this list, let us knowVisit our 'Archery Apps' page in the resources section for more information on archery apps.



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