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Club Events

The Little Stanley Cup

Every year Canterbury Archers hosts the Little Stanley Cup and raises money for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Stanley was born with Crouzon Syndrome, a rare genetic condition that causes flat bones in the skull to fuse together.

Despite this, Stanley is always on hand to present the trophies to the winners. A poster with Stanley's name is decorated with 5p coins. All money for the weekend shoot all goes to GOSH. 


Club Fun Day


The club fun day is a chance for all of the members and family to get together and shoot at different types of targets as well as a barbecue and some bacon rolls. 

Two Way Longbow Shoot

Canterbury Archers hosts its Two Way Longbow Shoot every Summer. This is a great shoot to take part in and is just as interesting to watch for those that have never seen a two way shoot before. 


Soup Shoot

There is nothing better than a warm mug of soup on a cold winter morning. We hold a Soup Shoot each year during the freezing winter months.


A normal Frostbite round is shot followed by a mug of soup and then another Frostbite round. The perfect way to warm up!

Annual Make and Mend

We have a make and mend every year where all members get together for a bit of DIY. repairing stands, cleaning, mending bows, there is a job for everyone and plenty of bacon rolls!!

Club Championships

The Club Championships started in 2017 and is organised by Bayley. All club members can take part. Everyone is put on a different distance depending on their age and classification and there are prizes for each bow type at each distance. 


Fred Noone Memorial Shoot

This shoot originally celebrated the 90th Birthday of our oldest member Fred. Sadly, he passed away in 2017 but we carry on remembering him through the annual Fred Noone Memorial Shoot.

All of the targets are at 30m and 2 and a half dozen arrows are shot at three different sized faces. There are soup, burger and bacon rolls.

Christmas Bring and Share

Each Christmas we have a bring and share lunch. Everyone brings some nibbles and after one round we can all sit in the club house out of the cold and have a Christmas Buffet. Don't forget your Christmas jumper!!!


The American Round

The club traditionally shoots this round at the start of the summer season each year. It is a chance for all members to get sight marks for the longer distances after shooting the Frostbite round.

Club Shoot (York/Hereford and Bristol Rounds)

Canterbury Archers started a club shoot last year where members can shoot longer rounds in a mini-club competition.


Halloween Fun Shoot

Canterbury Archers hosts a spooktacular Halloween Shoot with themed targets, fancy dress, cake and pumkin soup.

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