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AGB Progress Awards

Canterbury Archers encourages its new junior and adult members to develop their archery skills through the Archery GB Progress Awards. Along with the 252 Achievement Awards, these offer a good starting point for beginners and lead towards the AGB classifications.


The five Archery GB Progress Awards badges (white>black>blue>red>gold) are open to all of the club’s junior and adult archers who submit THREE qualifying score according to the following rules:

  • shooting may be indoors or outdoors;

  • the archer must shoot 36 arrows in a single session;

  • more than one round can be shot in the same session/day;

  • 6 ‘sighter’ arrows are allowed per session;

  • a club scoresheet must be completed accurately and submitted to the Records Officer. The scoresheet needs to give the archer’s first name and surname, bow type, the distance shot and the date. All scores, hits and golds must be recorded and totalled, with the scoresheet agreed and countersigned by an experienced (adult) club member;

  • to claim awards, archers must achieve the scores shown in the Archery GB
    Progress Awards chart.​

Canterbury Archers Archery GB Progress Awards
AGB Progress Awards

A copy of the AGB Progress Awards chart can be downloaded here