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AGB Membership Benefits

Canterbury Archers Membership

Joining Archery GB means you're supporting our mission to lead, grow and promote archery to create greater value for our sport. But what do you as a member get from Archery GB.

With regards to archery and taking part in the sport we offer:

  • an introduction to the sport through have-a-go events and beginner's courses.

  • records, badges and awards.

  • guidance and coaching.

  • safeguarding.

  • a sporting structure including clubs, counties and regions.

  • tournaments and talent pathways

  • governance

  • support and advice

  • insurance


Other membership benefits include:

AGB add to the list of retailers on a regular basis so please check their website on a regular basis.

Information sourced from https://www.archerygb.org/

Did you know that as an AGB Member, you are entitled to some great benefits and discounts?

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